What Are The Benefits of Having A Will?

1. You decide who your beneficiaries are - If you have no beneficiaries in place the government will impose a standard for how your estate will be distributed.

2. You choose your executor - If you do not have an executor for your will, a family member or friend will have to apply to the courts to be appointed to administer your estate resulting in unnecessary court fees and delays.

3. It will make the process easier on your family - Having a will in place will allow your family to administer your estate with ease and peace of mind.

4. Your children - Your will covers who the guardians of your children will be and ensures your children will be taken care of.

5. Special gifts - Antiques, art pieces, jewelry, etc. will be left to the appropriate person.

6. Divorce and new marriages - If you have been divorced and are remarried and living in a common law relationships, a new will ensures your current spouse will be taken care of.

Your Appointment 

At Rogers Law Firm we aim to provide convenient and quality estate and will planning services.

To start this process, we request that you first download and fill out our Will Questionnaire.   (click on the link to download the file)  

Do not worry if you can not answer all the questions or provide all of the information being requested.  Fill in what you can, and then send us the questionnaire by mail or email, drop it by our office between 9:00AM to 5:00PM, or in our mail slot after hours.

Our office will review the questionnaire and contact you with any further required information or questions. We will then arrange an appointment to review your Will documents or email them to you for your review.

Once the Will documents are completed to your satisfaction, we will arrange an appointment for you to meet with Mr. Craig Rogers who will provide you with an in depth assessment of your Will and sign these documents with yourself.

At the end of the appointment, you will leave our offices with your original, signed Will and Powers of Attorney documents.



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