At Rogers Law Firm, we understand that going through separation from a spouse is a very emotionally difficult time. That is why we engage you in the process and help you better understand what is happening with your matter each step of the way. 

Craig T. Rogers has over 30 years of experience practicing in Family Law Courts in the East Region including Ottawa, Carleton Place, Smiths Falls, Perth, and Lanark County.

Separation Outside of Court

Many couples wish to settle their separation outside of a courtroom. This route is usually more cost effective and less stressful for both parties and their families. 

At Rogers Law Firm we usually ask the separating parties to attend mediation. After mediation, we will then draft a Separation Agreement which includes the details agreed upon at the mediation. 

Couples do not have to attend mediation, some couples have already agreed to how they want to separate and in the case we will meet with you to discuss drafting a Separation Agreement. 

Once yourself and your former partner have been separated for a minimum of one (1) year and have a signed Separation Agreement, we can then assist you with applying to the court for a divorce. 

Bringing A Family Matter to Court

When a Family Law Matter is brought before the court there can be a considerable amount of time and effort that is required by yourself and our office to ensure these matters flow smoothly. 

The general process consists of a first appearance date, a Case Conference, and a Settlement Conference. At Rogers Law Firm, we understand that this is an emotional process for all parties involved and we aim to resolve your matter before having to attend a Trial. Conferences provide an opportunity for you and your spouse to meet with a judge, with your lawyers present, to dicuss the issues in your case. The judge may recommend you see a mediator, if you have not already done so. Sometimes the judge will give his or her opinion on how to move forward and resolve the issues. 

The courts can decide on a number of matters that parties cannot agree upon such as but not limited to:

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