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The Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) resolves:

  • disputes between residential landlords and tenants
  • eviction applications filed by non-profit housing co-operatives

under the Residential Tenancies Act. 

Our areas of practice in the Landlord and Tenant Board include:

  • Non-Payment of Rent;
  • Vacancy Decontrol;
  • Discounts;
  • Rent Increases;
  • Rent Increases by Applications;
  • Rent Increases by Agreement;
  • Maintenance Disputes;
  • Personal Use;
  • Tax Driven Rent Reductions;
  • Applications About Tax Driven Rent Reductions;
  • and Applications About Tax Increases

At Rogers Law Firm we work for both landlord and tenants in these disputes. We serve the Ottawa area and Lanark County in the Landlord and Tenant. 

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